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Nimble Real Estate and Panyu Nancun Jointly Launched Development of Jinan University Reserve Land and Resettlement Area 敏捷地产合作番禺南村镇暨南大学留用地安置项目正式启动

Nimble Real Estate and Panyu Nancun Jointly Launched Development of Jinan University Reserve Land and Resettlement Area 敏捷地产合作番禺南村镇暨南大学留用地安置项目正式启动


On August 26th, the development of Jinan University reserve land and resettlement area in Shitou Village, Nancun Town, Panyu District jointly developed by Nimble Real Estate and Nancun Town was officially launched. Chen Dejun, Deputy Secretary of District CPC Committee and District Mayor of Panyu, Du Ruizhao, Deputy District Mayor of Panyu, Chen Shuimao, vice president of Nimble Real Estate and other relevant persons in charge from Panyu District, Nancun Town and Shitou Village attended the Groundbreaking Ceremony in the morning.

(Groundbreaking Ceremony)


Du Zhaorui, Deputy District Mayor of Panyu, made a speech on the Groundbreaking. He stated that Jinan University Reserve Land Resettlement Development in Shitou Village, as the first resettlement housing that built on village reserve land in Panyu District, created an innovative development model that had positive and far-reaching significance in upgrading the urban renewal level of the whole district, rural areas in particular, providing solutions for resolving major projects’ resettlement issues, improving the intensive usage of land and promoting development of rural economy. This government-funded development in Shitou village is increased its floor area ratio to enhance the land use efficiency and enable villagers to get benefits and be resettled locally. It is a down-to-earth people-benefit development with many advantages.

(Villagers from Shitou gathered together.)


Shitou Village, where the development sits in, is located in the north of Nancun Town, which adjoins Xinzao Town, Huangpu Bridge to the east, borders on Nancun Town center and Wanbo Center in the south and west, and faces the Pearl River and Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center to the north, enjoying beautiful environment and favorable geographical location. More and more people chose to settle down in Shitou Village in recent years as its economy took-off. Wu Liangping, the villager representative, expressed that the project is such a great event that had been long-waited by all villagers. The construction of the development will further enhance the economic strength of the village, improve the living environment and benefit the villagers.


At the ceremony, Chen Shuimao, the vice president of Nimble, stated that Nimble Real Estate was honored to participate in the people-benefit development as a cooperative development enterprise to build dream homes for Shitou villagers. As a Top 100 China Real Estate Developer that headquartered in Panyu, Nimble understands that its success cannot separated from the care and support of the society, so it has never forgotten its social mission and has been participating in all kinds of public activities to fulfill its society responsibility as a enterprise citizen.


Nimble Real Estate was established in 1993 and entered into real estate development in 1998. After 19 years steady and fast development, Nimble has become a well-known integrated real estate developer in China with a wide range of businesses such as real estate development which is the core business, building design, construction works, landscape planning, marketing planning and property management, forming a nationwide strategic layout based on the Pearl River Delta. Nimble will devote every effort to the construction of Shitou Village development and endeavor to complete the Livelihood Project as early as possible!

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