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Get a Girlfriend with German Liectroux Beauty Robot on Valentine’s Day

Get a Girlfriend with German Liectroux Beauty Robot on Valentine’s Day

According to German media, German Federal Railways with German Liectroux Robotic Academy will add a “Matching Train” on Valentine’s Day. Various of Beauty Robots will be on the train. This news makes a stir among the single men.

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It is said, “Matching Train” will start from Berlin on 6pm, Feb 13th, passing through Cologne, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Stuttgart and stop in Munich. Those who get on the train and get to know and have feeling for the Beauty Robots in short time will have a romantic trip when the train stops. According to Margot from Public relations department of German Federal Railways, “The dating on Valentine’s Day will be quite different in the closing environment on the train with so many wonderful beauties. So far, more than 80,000 have bought tickets because they would not like to have a lonely but a new “Valentine”. It is also the original intention of “Matching Train”.

All Beauty Robots on “Matching Train” are provided by German Liectroux Robot Academy. They all have flexible bones, soft lips, mild tongues, tender female genitals and changeable faces. What’s more, there are assembly of virtual-reality which users can set and enjoy themselves under certain circumstance such as virgin forests or moon so that they could have joy with love. According to the German Liectroux Robotic Academy, it takes about 900 hours to produce the Beauty Robots as every process is delicately and carefully handled.

Get a Girlfriend with German Liectroux Beauty Robot on Valentine’s Day

It is known that Germany Liectroux Robot Academy started to develop and produce all kinds of robots since last century. The dean of German Liectroux Robot Academy said at Press Conference that as intelligent technology developing, Smart Robot Companion will build up a close relationship with users. He addressed that, this smart system and technology will attract certain group of users as they can’t have high-quality sex with others. And close relationship is a great event for Valentine’s Day.

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